About us

Our company started in 2012 under the name the name mohini education society as an agency which started working as a mediator for tutors and students in few areas of Delhi.

We believe that we are the leading player in a rapidly growing local search market for Tutors and Students in India.

Our service is available to users across multiple platforms, such as the Internet, mobile Internet, over the telephone (voice) and text (SMS).

We believe that our service bridges the gap between our students and tutors by helping students find relevant tutor of subject and class quickly while helping tutors listed in our database to offer their teaching services.


To provide the most transparent, honest and efficient services for prospective students and to represent a highly qualified teacher with a commitment to excellence.

To prepare students to succeed in their selected professions by providing the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, self-discipline, confidence, a professional attitude.

To make efforts to provide the best education for your child, therefore we guarantee for 100% assured result.

OUR Philosophy

For students, lives are becoming increasingly complicated today. Juggling homework from school with extra curricular activities, while making sense of future priorities, is not easy for them. We rarely get time to pursue our passion or spend time with the people we like.

Learning should be fun, easy and effective – so we can do better at our pursuits and still have time to enjoy life.

We believe in continuous and progressive growth for every child. Every child is special and has unique identity. We firmly believe that every child can flourish if given right guidance and mentor. To achieve our mission and vision we provide FREE academic assessment for a detailed evaluation of your child’s strengths and challenges.

We use our initial assessment to pinpoint each student’s grade & age placement, allowing us to ascertain their current academic position. This assessment will also help us to understand child’s challenges, so that we can develop the right game plan with tutor to help them succeed.

Our Campus

  • delhi b.ed admission 2017
  • crsu jind b.ed admission 2017
  • delhi polytechnic entrance
  • b ed admission distance education
  • du b.ed admission 2017

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